Acer Laptop Is Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

Why Is My Acer Laptop Is Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

Tech Savvy? And you realize suddenly that your Acer Aspire laptop is not connecting to Wi-Fi? You have tried it so many times all to no avail.

Overwhelming? Don’t be, it’s a common error for many Acer users.

Understandably, internet connections go side by side in your line of work. This article is going to discuss in detail, how to fix an Acer laptop having a Wi-Fi connection issue, the possible reason responsible for your Acer laptop not connecting, and the simple steps on how to fix it.

How to Connect Acer Laptop to Phone or Router via Wi-Fi

  • Turn on the hotspot of your android phone. If you are using a router or any other internet access device, make sure it’s on
  • Turn on your laptop, click on the notification panel located on the taskbar of the desktop page(it’s usually positioned on the lower left corner of the desktop), and choose the network option.
  • Select your preferred mobile device network
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The connection will set up automatically

if it is not in an automatic connection, you will see a request demanding a security key, enter your security, then your connection is all set up to use.

How To Establish Wi-Fi Connection Between Acer Laptop and Phone Via USB

The internet connection Can also be done via a USB cable called tethering.

  • Connect your Android to your laptop with a USB cable
  • Go to your phone and toggle on the USB tethering button
  • A notification will pop up on your laptop screen prompting for connection
  • Select yes and your internet connection is set up.

How To Establish Wi-Fi Connection Between Acer Laptop and Phone Via Bluetooth

Wi-Fi Connection via Bluetooth is an old style of connection and slower in data transfer speed in comparison to Wi-Fi connection, but it can come in handy at some point when all other connection types fail. Follow the step below for a Bluetooth internet connection.

  • Turn on Bluetooth tethering on your phone (the same way USB tethering is turned on).
  • Right on the Bluetooth icon on the taskbar on the desktop and select “Join personal Area network”. A window showing devices connected to your PC will be opened.
  • Look for your device(your phone name) and right-click on it. Click on “connect using access point”
  • That’s it! The connection is established. Enjoy surfing the internet.

Why Is My Acer Laptop Suddenly Stopped Connecting To Wi-Fi

We understand how frustrating and annoying it can be when you realize that your laptop is not connecting to Wi-Fi. There is a limitation to what you can use it to do, as almost all tasks are executed with the use of the internet.

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The four (4) possible reasons that can cause your Acer laptop not to connect to Wi-Fi are:

  1. When the laptop network driver is outdated
  2. When there are errors in the router settings
  3. When the Wi-Fi card and modem in your laptop have been damaged.
  4. When your laptop has been infected with a virus that has disabled the Wi-Fi card.

How To Fix My Acer Laptop That Is Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

The causes behind your laptop not connecting to Wi-Fi can be easily fixed by following the simple steps given below.

1. Outdated network drivers 

Your Acer laptop might not be connecting due to your laptop network drives that are outdated, which require to be updated for proper internet connection. Here is how to do it:

  • Turn on your Acer laptop, navigate to search for Device manager, click it to open, and scroll down for network adapters.
  • Click on network adapters
  • Scroll down to wireless network adapter and click on it and select update driver.
  • Once the network driver has been updated, restart your phone and your connection will work out right.

2. Errors in network adapter

Your network adapter may be is responsible for your laptop not connecting to Wi-Fi. To fix this, simply reset your laptop network adapter.

  • To reset, on your Acer laptop and go to settings.
  • Search for network and internet and right click on it
  • Scroll down and navigate to advance network settings
  • Click on network reset and reset now, then your Wi-Fi connection is all set to use.
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3. Antivirus software

Antivirus software installed on your Acer laptop can be responsible for it not connecting to Wi-Fi. To fix this, uninstall the antivirus software on your Acer laptop and check if the connection is working. If it is, then the antivirus is responsible, and find suitable antivirus software for your Acer laptop.

4. Errors in device router

Here is a fixing process to follow if errors in your device router are responsible for no connection with Wi-Fi on your Acer laptop. The error in your router settings may be the reason why your Acer laptop is not connecting to Wi-Fi. To fix this, simply restart your router to reset the settings.

Fixing My Acer Laptop Connection

Acer laptops are the most preferred PC for many, due to their fair price and their high functionality apart from the long-lasting battery which at one charge can last up to 7 hours of usage.

Your Acer laptop having difficulty in Wi-Fi connection is a common problem for many Acer users. It is an easy fix with just a few steps to take and the Wi-Fi connection will be restored.

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