Are iPod Classic Worth Anything: What To Do With Your Old iPod Classic

This is a common mistake we all have made one time or the other in time past: a situation where you buy a brand new equipment with a costly price tag and then two to three years down the line, boom, you throw it back into your drawer. These include the old iPod you bought some few years ago. Yes I’m talking to you! (Smiles).

A quick one! Are you aware that you can sell your old “retro” iPod on ebay and prolly get close to what you spent in buying it? That aside, this post is centered on showing you how well your old iPod Classic could still very much be of a great value to you.

This article is specifically for those that have old iPods they are prolly not making use of again. In this article, we will share our top tips on the things you can possibly do with your old iPod Classic. Stay tuned!

1. Fix Or Replace The Battery

The battery health posses one of the greatest problems of MP3 players and if you’re used to these kind of products, you must have noticed that the health of your battery keeps going down as the years go by and the most you can enjoy full battery health capacity would be roughly 3 years. Who knows? This very reason could be why these gadgets keep ending up in the drawers. Any model of the iPod can be fixed but you are most likely to have a safe landing fixing the battery of an iPod Classic.

Be aware that this process is not 100% guaranteed and you can as well end up bricking your iPod but the good news is that you will learn something from it regardless.

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In order to successfully carry out this process you will need the following: plastic opening tools, 1.5-inch putty knife, a regular spudger and a metal spudger.
The price of the battery you want to replace is dependent on the iPod model but it will cost around $10 to $20.

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2. Installation of New Firmware

To be honest, alot of MP3 players that are good lack good firmwares and of course iPod is one of them.

There are quite a good number of music management tools out there but the only problem here is that most of them do not really synchronize music well and correctly. In fact, iPod does not enable the drag and drop option that is common in other music management platforms. To achieve this, you must synchronize one central library with the use of Apple’s software.

If your iPod is old and you no longer utilize iTunes or Apple Music then you have a problem. Yes, it’s a problem but not to worry as Rockbox has got you covered.
Rockbox is a firmware that is open source and can go as far as replacing the original user interface of your device. Rockbox is compatible with the least iPod device including the second generation iPod.

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The installation of Rockbox is simple and easy and once you install it, your iPod will be recognized as as an MP3 that is generic by your PC and instead of utilizing Apple App in transferring your music, you will be able to just drag and drop them.

This notwithstanding, this software also come with other features like support for advanced crossfading, 30 codecs sound (like OGG Vorbis and FLAC), reading text files, a 10-band fully-parametric equalizer, theme your old iPod as well as the ability to run games.

3. Replacement of The Hard Drive

There are no questions to the fact that hard drives eventually die. This possed serious problems during the early stage of iPods and the 3rd generation of iPod suffered the most. This can be replaced just like the battery but before you get started, crosscheck if the hard drive of your iPod is truly failing. This can be done by carrying out some tests as well as finding your way to the diagnostic mode.

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On a classic model, all you need to do in order to navigate your way to the diagnostic mode is to be sure you keep your left thumb on the menu button and your right thumb on the Select button then under 6 seconds press the both of them at the same time. Do this until your device reboots. Once the reboot takes place, take out your left thumb to the REWIND button and press it together with your right thumb on the SELECT button for another 6 seconds.

Click on MENU once it is loaded then choose IO > HARDDRIVE > HDSMARTDATA after selecting MANUAL TEST.

The test will start running immediately. If the result of the test comes out that you are shown PENDING SEFTORS or REALLOCA then it means you will have to change the hard drive of your iPod as soon as possible.

Changing the hard drive of your iPod requires the same tools used in changing the battery and the price of the hard drive is dependent on the model of your iPod but it is usually around $60 to $100.

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4. Utilize Your iPod as a Portable Hard Drive

Of course you may have gotten yourself a new iPhone and iPod but then, your old iPod can still be put to use. Most interestingly, your old iPod inside your drawer can be changed into a drive for storage just like an iPhone can be used as a USB drive. This means even if the screen of your iPod is damaged and you don not intend having it fixed then your iPod can be turned into a storage drive.

Can iPod be Used as a Portable Hard Drive?

Yes! iPods can be used as a Portable Hard Drive and infact, some classic iPod models are vested with storage capacities that are as big as 160GB and have been an underrated storage option over the years.

To achieve this, you will need to get your device formatted firstly then if you are on Mac, utilize the Disk Utility feature or you can simply use the iPod finder to choose the format on Windows if you are using Windows then to ensure maximum compatibility, format the drive as ExFAT.

You will be presented with 2 options of conversion into a USB drive and that is where Rockbox comes in. Rockbox will play the role of transforming your iPod into a USB device then you go into the second phase by finishing the whole process with the use of Apple/iTunes Music app or software.

Note that, aside the aforementioned portable USB drive usage, your iPod could also be utilized to make a boot disk for Linux, Mac or even Windows or as a backup device.

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5. In-Car Music Usage

Of course it seems to be fun playing music in your car with your smartphone but it can also be bad news if you by chance spill drink or water on it in a situation of an abrupt stop.

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This is a better chance to dust your old iPod and make use of its media library for your in-car music.

Can I Use my iPod to Play Music in My Car Instead of Smartphone?

Yes you can use your iPod as a music player right I side your car. In fact, iPods have a huge storage capacity that often flaw the ones on the smartphones and helps you keep the battery of your smartphone device saved.

All you need do is to load all the music you want on your old iPod and you are done.

Can iPod be Charged With Car US Port?

Yes iPods can be charged with the car USB port or even the cigarette lighter if your car is old fashioned.

6. Sell It

The last resort on the table is to sell the iPod if you find the above ideas wearisome to carry out.

Do Old iPod Classic Worth Anything?

Yes! The old iPods are worth some money. You can find them on eBay for as high as $200.

This means if you have an old iPod sitting in your drawer then you just locked up $200 to be fair.
In fact, there are claims that Apple has sold iPod units of over 400 million.


We’d assume you never knew how useful the old iPod Classic covered with dust inside your drawer could be and we are happy you now know so go ahead and mane the most out of it.

Please don’t forget to share this article if you find it interesting and educative.

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