Does PS5 Support 2TB SSD: How To Install 2TB SSD On PS5

The PS5 boasts of plenty of good games which requires lots of space to retain them. This means you will be needing much storage space to enable the games to load faster and of course you are fully aware that the PS5 has an inbuilt storage that is lesser than 1TB which will not be sufficient for you to store your favorite games and still load them fine and fast. You will also need to record your gaming successes or take screenshots which still requires storage space.

Well, I feel every gamer needs a good gaming experience which starts with having enough storage space to play your favorite games and save necessary data. Now I bring you good news. In this article, you’ll learn how the storage of your PS5 can be upgraded with the secondary M.2 SSD slot which enables the addition of another SSD.

Does PS5 Support 2TB SSD?

YES! The PS5 supports 2TB SSD. Like we stated earlier, the PS5 allows an external SSD which aids the increment of your storage space and it works fine just like the primary storage of the PS5. In fact the PS5 supports drives with at least 5,500MB per second read speed and NVMe PCle 4.0 drives is a perfect example.

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Note that the smooth running of PS5 would need at least an NVMe PCle 4.0 drive with a read speed of 5,500MB/sec or more which means that 2TB SSD can function well on PS5.

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Should I get a 1TB or 2TB SSD For My PS5?

You can get either the 1TB SSD or the 2TB SSD as both are accepted to run on the PS5 as an external SSD and the difference may not be noticed at first because both come with good space to run your PS5 data but as time goes on, the 1TB SSD will get filled up quickly especially if you are the type of gamer that loves saving screenshots and recording some of your victories or screen-recording. The 2TB gives you more storage space than 1TB. Of course you should know that 2 is bigger than 1.

If you have the budget, I’d recommend you go for 2TB SSD but if you are not really on cash then go for 1TB SSD. It’s better than nothing.

How to Install 1TB/2TB SSD On PS5


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PS5 accepts M.2 SSDs and if you are wondering what M.2 SSD are then pay attention.

M.2 SSDs are Solid State Drives with high speed medium used by PS5 players to increase the capacity of their PS5 console storage.

Why You Should Get an External SSD For Your PS5

You need a separate SSD for your PS5 because the storage memory that comes with the PS5 is barely enough for you to store all your favorite games plus your screenshots and recorded data.

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Once you get an M.2 SSD installed on the console of your PS5 or PS4, you will begin to experience speed in game loading and storing as well as be able to move your games between a USB extended storage device, the storage of your PlayStation console and the separately purchased SSD storage.

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Watch this video to install 1TB/2TB SSD on your PS5 smoothly:


Can I Use a 2TB Hard Drive with PS5?

Yes you can use a 2TB Hard Drive with the PS5. An external Hard Drive avails you with much space you will need to store your favorite games and of course your media data including your recordings and screenshots. This is mostly because the PS5 console does not have much memory to accommodate all these data and you will sure need an external hard drive to compliment the 667.2 GB internal SSD storage of PS5 of which 2TB hard drive is an ideal size.

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Your games will not and can’t run independently off the storage of the PS5 which means this extra hard drive you are purchasing is for the storage of games that are not playing at the moment coupled with the fact that games can be transferred from the PS5 to the hard drive (and vice versa) faster than it is to download them.

SSD and Hard Drives, which is Faster and Better to Use With PS5?

The SSD is seemingly faster and better with the PS5 than the hard drive but note that hard drives will as well give you what you need which is speed but it is not just as fast as the Solid State Drive (SSD) but since the hard drive is cheaper, I’d recommend you go for it especially if you are not really buoyant financially.

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The issue of using an external SSD with the internal SSD of your PS5 cannot be over emphasized as this will aid you to gather more space for all your media storage but the big question is always between the hard drive and the SSD as some gamers do not really know which to go for. Since the both can work and hard drives are way more cheaper then you can go for the hard drive but then understand that SSDs are faster so if you have the budget for it, go for the SSD.

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I hope this gave you the answers to some of the questions bothering you on PS5 external storage.

Please do well to send in your questions and contributions via the comment section as we are always happy to respond to them and don’t forget to share this article with your fellow gamers and friends.

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