How Can I Charge a Dead Inverter Battery? (SOLVED)

Let me begin by saying that the backbone of an inverter is tied to the battery and for an inverter to be efficient and durable, the battery has to play a huge role to that effect.

In this article, we will show you how you can charge a dead inverter and many more.

Can I Charge a Dead Inverter?

Yes you can charge a dead inverter but there are things to note.
If an inverter battery is left uncharged for sometime, solation begins to occur while the electrolyte begins breaking down. The more an inverter battery is left uncharged, the more there is solation and on a long run, the battery is reduced to almost useless.

How Can I Charge a Dead Inverter Battery?

You can charge a dead battery by desolating it or changing the electrolyte.

How Can I Charge a Dead Inverter Battery? (SOLVED)

How Do I Bring a Weak Inverter Battery Back to Life?

You can bring a weak battery back to life by following these steps below:

The first step is to examine the inverter if it can charge and discharge the batteries by testing the batteries. To carry out your test on the batteries, you will need to utilize a voltmeter. If the D.C. volts of the batteries are not zero, be sure to check out the d.c. and note that the voltage of the inverter should not be anything lesser than 10.7V. The inverter is good for the job if it is up to 12 voltages and can get the batteries fully charged.

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Make sure these steps are strictly followed and that the batteries are in good shape because if the steps are not followed strictly, there could be issues and damages on the batteries and broken diodes or even a complete damage on the batteries.

What is the Electrolyte in Battery?

The electrolyte in battery is a chemical catalyst that creates space for the electrical charge flow between the anode and the cathode. This means that when there is a connection between a device and a battery, a reaction of electric chemical circuit or light bulb occur on the electrodes which in turn pass an electrical energy flow to the device.

How Do I Tell if an Inverter Battery is Dead or Close to Dying?

You can tell if your inverter battery is dead by putting a load on it to see if it picks up. If it picks then there is still power in it but it shuts down, it means your battery does not have the capacity to charge the load and the battery is dead in that its voltage is below the 12 volts we discussed earlier.

To know when an inverter battery is about to die, the inverter will show you a warning sign by beeping to indicate that your battery is getting to its lower voltage limit.

Why does an Inverter Battery die Earlier than Expected?

An inverter battery dies earlier than expected because of VOLTAGE DROP. This happens when there is a fall on the a battery voltage under a load. The voltage of the battery will definitely fall below the minimum setting that was done on the circuit breaker of the inverter if the battery is too small for the task. Even though the inverter battery still has power in it, the inverter will shutdown thereby causing the inverter battery to die or shutdown earlier than expected.

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Note that there are many other reasons why an inverter battery would shut down earlier than expected.

How Can I Charge a Dead Inverter Battery? (SOLVED)

Can I Charge My Inverter Battery Without Electricity?

No you cannot charge your inverter battery without making use of electricity. This is because to be able to charge your inverter battery you will need to make use of either a water power, solar power, a generator or other source of energy generation which at the end will ball down to electrical power.

I will take this question to mean “can I charge my inverter battery off-grid?” I’d still say no because to charge a battery, you need electrons and electrons must be from a source of electrical power.

Conclusion: This article was written with the aim of exposing to you how you can bring back a dead inverter battery to life and we did just that. This notwithstanding, there are things you will have to note which is conducting routine checks on your inverter and making sure the battery is charged as at when due. Also make sure you do not overcharge your battery. Stop charging once your battery is full else you risk running it down or it may die completely with no remedy.

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