How To Fix A Very Slow 5G Speed Connection

5G network operates in a very high speed and if you are experiencing a slow network with 5G connection then it means there is an issue that needs to be sorted out ASAP. In this post, we take a look at the possible issues that could lead to the slow speed of 5G connection and solve them.

Why Is My 5G Speed So Slow?

Your 5G speed is slow because there is high number of users thereby causing network congestion or weak 5G network signal in your location.

What Causes My 5G Network To Be Slow?

  1. Exhausted 5G Data
  2. Network Congestion
  3. Outdated Phone OS
  4. Background Applications
  5. Weak 5G Signals
  6. Network Configuration

Exhausted 5G Data

Once your data is exhausted, your internet is disconnected even though it may still be showing the 5G icon on your phone. All that is needed at this point is to purchase extra data as nothing can be done about it except you buy more data.

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Network Congestion

Network congestion is the process where the bandwidth of the internet of your mobile network is used by excessive users. At this point, priorities are placed on certain users over others by network companies.

Weak 5G Signal

The experience you will have is dependent on the speed of the 5G network is determined by the signal of your cellular network strength. This means that poor or weak signals will give you delayed or slow connectivity to the internet.

Location is also another factor and can hamper the strength of your signal from gaining full strength. Outdoors and open places would aid your internet signal.

Background Apps

Sometimes you may not be aware but there are applications running silently on your phone and although they are not in use, they are utilizing data and taking up a chunk of your internet bandwidth thereby slowing down your 5G connection.

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How Fast Should 5G Be?

The internet connection of 5G can be as fast as 100MBPS

The latest wireless internet technology is 5G. It utilizes 28GHz and 39GHz which enable the transmission of data at a speed higher than that of 4G.

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How To Make 5G Network Speed Faster

5G speed can be fasten with the use of 5G signal booster or you may want to reset the network configuration of your phone or clear the apps on your phone background.

If your 5G network is slow then the steps below should be used to troubleshoot the issue:

Start with location change. This is due to the fact that some locations have poor signals and changing of location will help you increase the strength of your 5G signal.

Nevertheless, if this approach does not work after doing it then you should restart your phone.
Close running apps on the background to reduce the usage of internet bandwidth on your phone.
Make sure your phone’s OS is up-to-date, update it if it is not.
If it doesn’t still work after these steps then go to the network settings and reset the network configuration.
Make sure you have a running data package.
You can get a signal booster for 5G internet speed enhancer if the connection is still slow after going through all the above steps.

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How To Fix A Slow 5G Connection

If your 5G network connection is slow, you have to firstly, close all the applications on the background utilizing the network connection as well as reset the configuration of your phone.

The steps below will get your slow 5G network fixed:

  • Location – Change the location of your device (you can try using your roof or go outside).
    Once the signal of your network improves then the speed of your internet gets better.
  • 5G Signal Booster – With your phone, you can search for an outdoor location with good signal.
    Install an outdoor antenna.
    The antenna should be installed on a very high spot (probably your roof)
    With the use of a coaxial cable, connect the antenna to the amplifier.
    The next thing is to connect the indoor antenna and it should be on the spot the weakest 5G network strength.
    The system is now ready so turn it on.
  • Close Background Apps – There are some applications running on the background that is sharing the internet bandwidth so close them.
  • Network Configuration Reset – This can aid in the resolution of slow internet connection. To reset the configuration of your network simply navigate your way to settings on your mobile phone.
    Press network settings
    Press rest
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Is 5G Slower Than WiFi and Why?

No! 5G network is not slower than WiFi whereas, 5G network is faster than an average WiFi network. In fact, 5G is the latest internet network for now and if your 5G network is slower than your home WiFi then it means there’s an issue that needs to be fixed and you can fix that with the steps below:

  • Change your location (going outside will be the best option)
  • Restart your smartphone
  • It should be working by now but if it doesn’t work then close all the apps running in the background of your phone (they may be sharing the bandwidth of your 5G connection)
  • Update the OS of your phone if it is not up-to-date.
  • Check if your data has been exhausted and if it has then buy data to continue browsing.

Is 5G network Slower Than 4G and Why?

5G is not slower than 4G. 5G network is the latest network around which means it is rather faster than 4G.

If your 5G is rather slower than 4G then you can utilize the steps below to get it fixed:

  • Firstly, reset the configurations of your smartphone
  • Make sure you have a 5G compatible sim
  • Get your phone’s OS up-to-date
  • If it does not function after this then get a 5G signal booster installed.

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Why Is 5G Network Slow On My T-Mobile?

5G network can be slow on your T-Mobile for several reasons of which we have stated above.

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Follow the steps below to fix it:

  • Change your location (go outside so you can get a good signal strength)
  • Stop all running apps on the background of your phone
  • Off your phone and on it again to see if the issue will be resolved. If not, check the OS of your phone to make sure it’s up-to-date, update it if it isn’t.
  • Check for your data balance and buy it if it is exhausted.

Why Is My AT&T Slow And How Do I Fix It?

There are several reasons as to why you may experience a slow 5G network with your AT&T and you can fix the issue with the steps below:

  • Try to change your location (go outside perhaps)
  • Restart your phone
  • Close all running apps on the background of your phone
  • Update the OS of your phone

Why Is 5G Network Slow On My Verizon and How Do I Fix It?

The first thing to do in order to get your 5G network that is low on Verizon fixed is to reset the configurations of your phone’s network and try to close the running applications on the background of your phone.

Why is 5G Network Slow On My Iphone?

5G network can be slow on your iphone for several reasons including the ones we have mentioned above. To get this issue fixed you need to change your location, reset the network configurations of your smartphone and restart your phone.

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Why Is 5G Slow On My Samsung Android phone and How do I Fix It?

5G network on Samsung phones aas well as other Android phones can be slow for several reasons.

To fix it follow the steps below:

  • Change your location
  • Restart your phone
  • Close all running apps on the background of your phone
  • Update your phone’s OS
  • Make sure you reset the configurations of your phone


This article will answer all the questions you may have on 5G Network so feel free to check it out and don’t forget to share it with your friends if you find it useful…

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