How To Fix Laptop Volume That Keeps Muting

In this article, we will be talking about the possible reasons why your laptop volume keeps muting and how you can solve them.

Why Does My Laptop Volume Keep Muting?

There are several reasons why your laptop volume keeps muting. It could be that the audio drivers of your laptop needs to be updated, your laptop speakers are damaged or faulty audio connection.

Some of the possible causes of your laptop volume muting include:

  1. Speakers not working
  2. Faulty audio connection
  3. Drivers need updating

The modification of the volume needs the clicking of the appropriate keys on the keyboard.

Once your laptop mic starts behaving funny and muting by itself irregularly then it will affect you having a good experience while doing video calls and it needs to be fixed ASAP.

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How To Fix a Laptop That Keeps Muting By Itself

If you must fix a laptop that keeps muting the audio by itself then you should attempt modifying the settings of your microphone or deactivate your antivirus software temporarily.

Note that the microphone of the laptop is a very important component of the device especially for those who spend lots of time capturing videos and other softwares for messaging and your mic volume must be in check otherwise your conversation will be hampered.

You can try the following methods below to get your microphone volume fixed:

Method 1 – Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting Audio Fundamentals
  • Sound Troubleshooting Tool From Microsoft
  • Headphones and Portable Speakers
  • Test The Listening Device On A Different Laptop

Troubleshooting Audio Fundamentals – Firstly, check for the possible causes of the muting before going ahead to try other complicated troubleshooting. Examine hour headphones and loudspeakers to be sure they are they are firmly connected to the external sound ports of your laptop.

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Hit the mute button of your headphone or keypad if there is any to be sure it was not muted by mistake then move the cursor or your mouse to your laptop screen right upper corner to choose ‘SETTINGS‘ then move to ‘MUTE BUTTON‘. This is to check for hour laptop’s sound to unmute it in case it was muted accidentally.

Check everywhere possible to be sure the volume is not muted by you accidentally.

Test The Listening Device On A Different Laptop – Make sure your multichannel audio device is disconnected then get it attached to a separate laptop to enable you check where the sound loss came from.

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Note that this method works only with headsets and outer speakers and if the problem continues after doing this then it means the headset or speakers are faulty and needs a change.

Portable Speakers And Headphones

Make sure you test battery in your speaker or headset on the off chance you are playing music. Note that the capacity of batteries to transmit sounds depreciates as the battery starts going down in power.

Check for the batteries in the main unit; make sure the cord is plugged to the power socket correctly, if the AC cord is charging the outpost. Also make sure the connected devices are around 34 feet close to the Bluetooth. This is because trying to connect to a Bluetooth device outside the distance 34feet may cause some dropouts in its auditory perception.

Troubleshooting Tool From Microsoft – If none of the above methods works then it is imperative to make use of an automated audio troubleshooting Tool from Microsoft. The software is free and will aid you to crosscheck your laptop to be sure your audio files are functioning properly. If your drivers are outdated then you’ll be asked to update it to the latest version.

Below are ways of solving the problem of your laptop microphone self-muting:

  • Deactivate your antivirus software temporarily
  • Modify your microphone settings

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Deactivate your Antivirus Temporarily – Antivirus softwares like Mcafee can pose as problem owing to their hyperactive anti-malware detector which will always interfere with the functionality of the whole system.

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On the off chance that your mic volume depreciates to zero all of a sudden and cannot be solved then you should deactivate your antivirus software temporarily and check how it works.

Modify Your Microphone Settings – As per users, the major cause of self-muting of laptop microphones are wrong sound adjustments.

All you need to do at this point is to adjust the audio back to its original point.

Why Does The Volume Mixer of My Laptop Keep Muting Program Audio?

The volume Mixer of your laptop keeps muting program audio because the drivers and audio components of your system.

I know you may be wondering why the volume mixer of your laptop keeps muting after some time. It is because of the audio components in your laptop which means it needs checking.

Launch The Troubleshooting Methods

Once an issue is noticed then you will have to start with troubleshooting your laptop.

Be aware that there are series of troubleshooters in Windows that you can possibly use to get the issue solved but then there are times the troubleshooters may not be able to solve the issue but it is advised you try them out:

  • Press the ‘Windows key + I‘ to launch the Windows Settings screen on your laptop
  • Click on the ‘Troubleshoot box’ on the Configuration window
  • Choose the selection of the troubleshooter
  • You will see a list of the troubleshooters available.
  • Choose the ‘Run’ button that is close to ‘Streaming Audio’
  • Let the troubleshooter scan for any possible issue
  • Examine to be sure the issue has been fixed

Why Does Sound Keep Turning Off on My Windows 10?

Sound is always turning off on your windows 10 because your drivers are outdated or your sound configurations are wrong.

Much has been reported on laptop microphone self-muting and this is mostly with the Windows 10. The microphone works just fine for some time then goes back to zero level.

Update The Drivers of Your Laptop

Once there is a wrong sound configuration, there is bound to be an error with the microphone either external or internal which may force the volume of the microphone to reduce to zero or muted and it does not count if you reduced the volume or not.

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How To Update Device Drivers On Your Laptop

  • Right-click the windows key to select ‘Device Manager
  • Expand the visual, sound and gaming list and get all the drivers updated by right-clicking the drivers then choose ‘Update Drivers
  • To complete the process, restart your laptop

Why Does Sound Keep Turning Off on My Windows 11?

Sound keeps turning off on your Windows 11 because of outdated drivers.

To solve this, try increasing the audio volume of your laptop or inspect the cord for any issue with connectivity. If you are utilizing an external speaker then try connecting it to another speaker to see it the issue will be solved.

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If not then try the steps below:

Make use of the onboard troubleshooter

  • Click on ‘Start Screen‘ once you have seen it then navigate to the settings menu
  • From the drop-down, select ‘Huge Icons‘ to adjust the System Settings which is just beside the ‘Browse by’
  • Select the troubleshooting tab
  • Choose the ‘Device and Sound‘ box once you have seen it
  • Select the option for Audio option on the next page

If you are finding it difficult to repair some issues then try to complete the direction of the troubleshooter.

Why Does My Laptop Keep Muting And Unmuting Itself?

Your laptop keeps muting and unmuting itself because of bad sound settings and it does not really matter if you altered the settings or not, the wrong settings automatically alters the sound volume.

Majority of laptops have the audio directional buttons feature. To get the loudspeakers of the laptop silenced then press crossed out sound button (on the off chance that your laptop keys are in the side).

If these controls are not there on your laptop then navigate to the combination of the Fn keys to mute the speakers.

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