Why Does My Acer Monitor Keeps Going Into Power Save Mode? How To Solve The Issue

Why Does My Acer Monitor Keeps Going Into Power Save Mode?

One of the major reasons why you’d Acer Monitor enters into power save mode is due to the dust accumulating inside the monitor over time. The monitor is made up of small holes that gives access to dust and some other dirt to penetrate through the holes.

This does not necessarily make it the only reason your Acer monitor is experiencing power save mode. Other reasons could be bad capacitors, overheating or even worn-out cables.

Possible Reasons why Your Acer Monitor Keeps Entering Power Save Mode


  1. Bad Capacitors
  2. RAM Problem
  3. Loose Connections/Loose Cables
  4. Overheating
  5. Drained Battery
  6. Dust Accumulation

1. Loose Connections/Loose Cables

Of course you are aware of the bunch of wires at the backside of your device. All these bunch of wires are directly or indirectly connected/linked to the CPU. This makes it very possible for some wires to get disconnected or loosen in the process so the first thing to check when your monitor switches to power save mode is to check the backside where the wires are to be sure the wires are not disconnected or loosened.

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2. Drained Battery

Drained Battery is another major causes of poor performance with the PC. It is advisable to change your battery if you experience this switch to save mode frequently.


Many programs can be done on a computer at the same time with the help of the RAM stick but there could be issues if the program exceeds the capacity of the stick. This gives rise to the crash of the system to avoid more damages on the device. The RAM issue must be resolved in order to remove the system from the power save mode.

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4. Overheating

Some of us make the mistake of running our system non-stop thereby causing overheating. The fans inside the PC often times, automatically take out time to cool off the PC generated heat in order to avoid damages. In the process of this cool off, the monitor is likely to get into the power save mode.

5. Faulty Capacitors

Are you aware that capacitors can also get faulty thereby forcing your monitor into the power save mode. You may also want to check the capacitors when next you experience this and probably get it fixed or replaced.

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6. Dust Accumulation

The performance of your PC can also be affected greatly by debris or dust. Dust accumulation over time could be the reason for your monitor going into power save mode. Even when it is possible for you as a user with little knowledge to clean the dust or debris yourself, it is more secured to send your system to the customer care for proper assessment.

How To Fix A Monitor That Keeps Going Standby Mode

It is super easy to fix a monitor that keeps going into the standby mode and to fix this you will have to:

  1. Change the power plan setting
  2. Disable the screensaver or increase the system’s sleep timeout.

Method 1: Change The Power Plan Setting

How To Change Power Plan Setting

  • Click Win + Keys buttons
  • Choose Power Option
  • Press on Additional Power Setting option
  • Pick Change Plan Settings
  • Pick Battery and Plugged options
  • Leave both at Never
    Sleep the system
  •  Switch the computer back on to check if the issue has been resolved

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Method 2: Increase The System’s Unattended Sleep Timeout


Acer Laptop



How To Increase The System’s Unattended Sleep Timeout

Unattended Sleep timeout are periods where the system lies idle and the user does not perform any activity with it. Follow the steps below to fix it:

  • Click on the “Win + R” buttons
  • Type in “regedit” in the dialogue box
  • Press “Ok” afterwards
    Navigate to “Computer/HKey_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Power/PowerSettings
  • Press “Attributes
  • Let the “Value data” be set to 2
  • Navigate to the option of “System Unattended Sleep Timeout
  • Press the “Windows” button
  • Choose the “Power Options
  • Press the “System Unattended Sleep Timeout” and then change it to a longer time (say 30 minutes or beyond)

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Method 3: Disable Screen Saver

How to Disable Screen Saver on Your Monitor


  • Click on “Windows + R” Keys
  • Search for “Lock Screen Setting” in the search bar
  • Choose “Lock Screen Setting
  • Select Screen Saver Settings
  • Then set the screen saver as “None

Method 4: Disable The USB Selective Suspend Feature

How To Disable The USB Selective Suspend Feature

  • Press on “Start
  • Navigate your way to the “Control Panel
  • Select “Hardware and Sound” feature
  • Search for the “Power Options
  • Choose “Change Plan Settings
  • Select the option of “Change Advanced Power
  • Choose “USB Settings
  • Hover around to expand the “USB Selective Settings
  • Press the option for “Disable” and press “Ok
  • Restart your system
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Once these steps are followed meticulously, your System should work just fine.

Why Is My Acer Computer Entering Power Saving Mode On Startup?

There are quite a few reasons why your Acer computer keeps entering power saving mode on startup but one of the major reasons is a faulty battery. If the problem is a faulty battery then it is simple because all you need to do is to change the battery. Also note that worn-out RAM sticks can also lead to your system entering the power save mode as soon as you start them up.

If this is the problem you are facing then the steps below will get the issue fixed:

  • Remove the plug but be sure to turn off the computer before doing that
  • Case-open the Computer
  • Navigate to the motherboard and locate the button-cell battery
  • Get the battery out
  • Switch on the computer
  • Use the time and date settings in the Control Panel to set the time and date
  • Keep using the system how you like but note that your work will be lost when you are done working on it
  • Install the replaced battery and restart your system

Why Does My Acer Computer Display Enter Power Save Mode After 5 Minutes?

Your Acer Computer goes into power save mode because you left it unused for some minutes. Once your system is inactive, it notifies the monitor of inactivity and subsequently go into power save mode or standby mode.

To tackle this issue, you will either extend the inactivity timeframe or off it completely. Follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

  • Firstly, Remove/unplug the monitor
  • Wait for some seconds (say 5 seconds)
  • Plug back the monitor

If you’d like to prevent your monitor from entering power save mode every 5 minutes then you can opt to increase the period of inactivity.

How To Disable Auto Sleep feature to stop Your Acer Laptop From Entering Power Save Mode

If you do not want your laptop to sleep after a period of inactivity then follow these steps below to disable the auto sleep mode:

  • Press ‘Start
  • Go to ‘Power Options
  • Select ‘Screen and Sleep
  • Click the arrow pointing down on the options ‘On Battery Power, put my device to sleep after’ and When plugged in, put my device to sleep after
  • Chose ‘Never‘ for the two of options

How To Stop The Acer Monitor From Going Into Power Save Mode

If you wish to stop your Acer Monitor from sleeping after inactivity or going into power save mode after a period of inactivity then follow the steps below:

  • Press ‘Start
  • Check for the ‘Control Panel
  • Click on the button of the ‘Power Options
  • Navigate to ‘Edit Plan Settings
  • Change the Sleep and Display Settings
  • Choose Never for the both options
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These notwithstanding, there is another way to fix this. You can choose to disable the screen saver and this issue will be fixed. To do this follow the steps below:

  • Click on the ‘Windows + R‘ buttons
  • Search for ‘Lock Screen Settings‘ on the search bar
  • Choose ‘Lock Screen Settings
  • Click on ‘Screen Saver Settings
  • Set ‘None‘ as the screen saver

Why is my Acer Computer in Power Save Mode and Doesn’t want to Turn On?

The most possible reason to why your Acer computer is in power save mode and doesn’t want to turn on is as a result of your RAM sticks being faulty.

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How To Turn On Acer Computer when it is in Power Mode and Won’t Turn On

To turn on your Acer computer from power save mode then follow these steps:

  • Unplug the System from power
    Remove the RAM sticks from their slots
  • Check for dirt on it and clean the slots
  • Fix back the sticks in their appropriate slots

Boom! The issue should be fixed but if it persist then it means the RAM sticks have served their purpose and it’s time for a change.

N/B: Your mouse and keyboard could also be the cause of your monitor going into power save mode and being stuck there. To fix this issue then follow the steps below:

  • Click on ‘Windows + R‘ buttons
  • Search for “devmgmt.msc” in the search box
  • Press your ‘Keyboard device
  • Navigate to the tap of the ‘Power Management’
  • Make sure to check the below box then ‘Allow the device to wake the computer
  • Do the same thing for your mouse then check if the issue has been solved in your ‘Sleep mode



The issue of having your Monitor or laptop sleep can be a pain in the neck if you do not have the necessary knowledge to tackle it. With this in mind, we have created this guide for you and it sure answers all the questions and confusions you may have towards having your monitor sleep unexpectedly.


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